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who is it that chooses our steps in the dance? who drives us mad? lashes us with whips and crowns us with victory when we survive the impossible? who is it, that does all of these things?

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our new place!!! so cute!!! planties!! and us in panties!! *-*

Oh my gosh, Noah, this is so cute! Look at all that light and open space! Amazing. I’m jealous.

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Italy + Water  x

go into the forest.
find the monsters under root and rock, learn their names.
go to the temples, drink of the wine and eat of the meat,
and walk the hallowed halls like they belong to you.
go out to the night, call the monsters by their names.
if they ask for a lock of your hair, ask for their blood.
if they ask for the salt of your skin instead,
demand the moon and the sun, and all they have seen.
don’t file your teeth into points, they are sharp enough.
learn to snarl when you are touched without permission,
to smile like you have knives hidden in your boots.
hide knives under your skirts and strap them to your belt.
treasure the calluses you grow from climbing gnarled trees,
from digging into ice and earth and stone. don’t apologize,
not for the dirt under your fingernails or the blood in your hair.
go out into the night and know that the monsters quiver,
to hear you near. wear darkness like a cloak, drink starlight.
fear is not for you.

you will bury gods, {krk} (via k—r—k)
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In the gentle fall of rain from Heaven, I hear my God. But in the thunder, I still hear Thor.

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Modern Sansa and Margaery

A collection of photos that remind me of them. Sansa loves to read and paint… Margaery loves gardening and photography… Together they love to travel… And they love each other.