Going through all my IJ accounts to see what needs deleting. 

Awwwwwww. Remember when I wrote Aragorn/Legolas? So cute. 

I’m seriously upset that this isn’t working. It’s just so infuriating.

Retronoisette and I are writing Will Graham/Chris Argent no regrets

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Character: *turns unexpectedly dark and twisty*
Me: ...Good job. Nice job.
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So much UST between these characters it’s ridiculous

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But sometimes writing does make things feel a little bit better.

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“We find the link between writing and death manifested in the total effacement of the individual characteristics of the writer… If we wish to know the writer in our day, it will be through the singularity of his absence and in his link to death, which has transformed him into a victim of his own writing.” —Michel Foucault, ‘What is an author?’

I wrote almost 2,000 words of an original novel last night in one sitting.



Some resources for those writing medieval-type stories: